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Wednesday, December 7SOCIAL MEDIA

Massive fire breaks out at a food market in Ajman, UAE

After a massive explosion in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon that killed 100s of people, it is now UAE that is now dealing with a massive fire. It has been reported that fire broke out at a fruit and vegetable market in the United Arab Emirates’ city of Ajman. The cause of this blaze is unknown and the firefighters are battling to put down this major fire. It is said that the market has been closed for a long time  Covid-19 pandemic.

No injuries have been reported and it has been reported that several workers from the nearby shops tried to put out the flame but were unable to do so. Residents report plumes of thick black smoke billowing out. The footage of this fire is going around the social media platform and gathering major attention among the people around the world. It is said that the fire broke out at 6 Pm according to the Gulf news and the incident was reported by an owner of a meat store that is situated near to the market place.

It has now been reported that the firefighters have finally got the blaze under control.

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