Miral Review
This horror genre only works in parts and creates no impact

: Bharath, Vani Bhojan, KS Ravikumar,Meera Krishnan
Production: Axess Films
Direction: Sakthivel

Horror movies are not a rarity in Tamil cinema. One more in the list is Miral. As the title suggests, its a an error thrillers filled with spine-chilling incidents. But somewhere down the line a sense of deja vu prevails as we watch it.

Directed by Sakthivel, it stars Bharath, Vani Bhojan, KS Ravikumar in key roles. It has limited artistes with each one having a strong screen space.

A slashed genre film, it is about a family of father,mother and young son who has pat traumas and they encounter eerie moments in their journey. How did they survive form the crux.

Bharath, his wife Vani Bhojan and their son go on a trip to their native. Vani’s father KS Ravikumar who is angry with her decision to marry Bharath against his wish finally smiles peace pipe with them. And after visiting them Bharath and Vani encounter tough moments. Why it happens and how they survive it is the climax.

Bharath plays an adorable.husband. He fits the role well and has some action scenes to do. Vani Bhojan as perplexed wife does well.She is calm and puts her best on screen. And KS Ravikumar plays a meaty role.

A collage of eerie moments does leave an impact but could have been written well. Mostly hot in night, a sense of having seen before prevails. Sakthivel,has tried a different kind of story-telling but engrossing in parts.

Produced  by Axess Films Dilli Babu, Miral thought doesn’t live up to its title, can be watched for few moments that managed to grab our attention.


Rating – 2.5/5