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Mookuthi Amman

Mookuthi Amman Review


Director: N J Saravanan & RJ Balaji


RJ Balaji as Engels Ramasamy

Nayanthara as Mookuthi Amman

Urvashi as Ramasamy’s Mother

Ajay Ghosh as Bhagavathi Baba

Music: Krish

Cinematography: Dinesh Krishnan

GenreDrama, Comedy

Runtime: 141 minutes


A TV reporter who has been gathering evidences to expose a self-styled godman for years, gets help from goddess Mookuthi Amman. How does he utilize the situation to bring down the godman before the public is – 2K’s – Amman Thai for you…


RJ Balaji, who is a local TV reporter in Nagercoil, lives very hard with his grandfather, mother and 3 sisters. At the same time, he has been collecting news of the occupation of 11 thousand acres of land. RJ Balaji’s mother Urvashi has been trying for years to go to the Tirupati temple. But could not go. Finally, his family decides to visit their Kula Deivam Mookuthi Amman temple and planned to stay a night over there to get past over their difficulties which is occurring to their family for the past recent years.


Nayanthara appears as a noisy mother at night when RJ sleeps after telling her trouble there. Did R. J’s blabbers reach out to Amman – (Nayanthara)? Nayanthara, who plays as Amman in the film, has shown excellent acting. Has added beauty that fits the character perfectly. she simply goes on to say many things through verse and she also imparts fun at the middle.


RJ Balaji, who plays the protagonist, gets applause in the performance. He makes you admire in many scenes as he tests unbelievably when he sees the goddess and is happy when he gets the money. Urvashi’s performance as a mother is wonderful. She shines in acting as in for lying, adjusting many rumors, and the reason of her husband’s whereabouts are quite crazy to watch out for. Grandfather Mauli and younger sister Smriti Venkat are very helpful in the flow of the screenplay. Ajay Ghosh, who will be a fake preacher, is the best choice. But in many places his acting is artificial.


RJ Balaji, who has written the story, screenplay and script, is co-directing with NJ Saravanan. The first half is lively and the second half is bit unconvincing with lot of necessary advices loaded into the brains of the viewers. The ending is wrapped up conveniently after delivering the message. The story here takes a backseat to the ‘message’. Therefore, there is nothing left to talk about the family (which is painstakingly established initially) or be emotionally invested. As well as having done fantastic work with The characters chosen are well welcomed by the viewers except Ajay Ghosh’s low performance.


Dinesh Krishnan’s cinematography captures the beauty of Nagercoil. A lot of the shots are cool. All the songs in Krish’s music are a hindrance to the film.


Overall ‘Mookuthi Amman’ is 2K kids dreamful beautifying Amman.


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