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Movie Analysis: A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind

Director: Ron Howard

Duration: 2hr 09minutes

Genre: Drama, Rated A

Based On The Book By: Sylvia Nasar


Judd Hirsch – Helinger

Paul Bettany – Charles

Jennifer Connelly – Alicia

Russel Crow – John Nash

Ed Harris – Parcher

Christopher – Dr.Rosen


A story of a man who is one of the greatest mathematicians and a victim of schizophrenia. Whose discoveries have an impact on our lives every day. His beliefs that Russians were sending him coded messages on the front page of the New York timed.


The Nobel Prize winner John Forbes Nash Jr. (Russel Crowe) teaches at Princeton. (Jennifer Connelly) as his wife Alicia who is pregnant with their child when the first symptoms of his disease become apparent. ‘The Beautiful Mind’ tells the story of a man whose mind is full of serving humanity and at the same time, he fails with his mental illness. Dr.Nash is compared to Newton and Darwin in the society and also a man who suffers alone over the period. Crowe a character comes in his journey.

Director Ron Howard did a fantastic job with Nash to make the audience to get inside his situation, “To believe that something extraordinary is possible.” At first the story begins as quit but later the young man Nash who completes his degree and gradually turns expert later. He believes he is spy being trailed by government agents. Crowe a man who seems to be traveling along with him who ages 47 years during the whole film. He never gets aged. Nash in early 1940, at Princeton he losses a game with his colleague and he explains “I had the first move and my play was perfect. The game is flawed” He doesn’t much like people and they don’t much. And then were Alicia comes and she stabilizes him from his behaviors and they fall into love. But even though Nash believes he is being used by an agent (Ed Harris) and imagines himself in a chance as in crime scenes in old movies.

This movie excited me about the life of this man. I get to know move about this man as the movie proceeds. His loneliness life over the period around his campus, talking to no one, drinking coffee and wandering made me to explore more about him.

The movie has a way of pushing mental illness into corners. It is sensational, funny and tragic. It is simply a disease that almost buries the life but luckily not to Nash because of his wife.

Finally, Nash is honored by his fellow professors for his achievements. A movie with lots of love and a problem-filled man who looks forward to that one day to all come to an end. Ron Howard’s John Nash gives the audience a new tang!.


Review By:  Vigneshwar