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Thursday, November 24SOCIAL MEDIA

Movie Analysis: PSYCHO


Director: Mysskin
Producer: Arun Mozhi Manickam
Music: Illaiyaraja
Cinematographer: Tanvir mir
Udhayanidhi Stalin as Goutham
Aditi Rao Hydari as Dahini
Nithya Menen as Kamala Das
      Psycho is a Tamil psychological thriller film. The sequences in the film goes very fast and enthralling. The main plot of the film is Gautham (Udhayanidhi Stalin), a blind musician is in love with a radio jockey, Dahini. After so many tries to build a castle filled with love with Dahini (Aditi Rao Hydari), he finally gets succeeded. When Dahini gave a clue and asks him to come to a place to invite him to her birthday party next week. Before Gautham arrives at the place,  the psycho killer arrives at the place and kidnaps Dahini. The killer had already stolen more than 10 girls souls and left their body with inners by cutting their heads and leaving it in a public place. Dahini leaves her ring in the station by mistake and sees Gautham before closing her eyes which gave her the courage to be bold. When the psycho killer came near to kill Dahini she didn’t get frightened and challenges him that he can never kill another girl if he kills her because Gautham will find him and will bury him to the mud.
When Gautham called police for help they didn’t come forward and threw a gem outside and they got struck within their own circle. Then with the help of Kamala, who resigned her police service because of a major accident for the investigation. After some issues, Kamala, Vasanthi, Gautham and his friend together join as a crew and gather information and evidence to save Dahini. Gautham’s friend was also been killed and he feels so lonely and his love for Dahini increases gradually. When they finally find the pyscho killer and tries to enter the place of him. The killer is been affected psychologically during his childhood and he arrested his school teacher Rachel for eight years and killed a man who raped him during his school days. He had been made to beat sixty times every day in 365 days in a year. Because of this colorless experience, he was affected so badly. When Gautham manages to enter the place and rescue his love and save Dahini by capturing the killer. The killer cries to Dahini not to leave him alone Dahini soft-hearted girl, leaves the key before the place where teacher Rachel stays in a violent way he kills Rachel and unlocks himself before that Dahini and Gautham manages to escape from the place. When the killer sees the interview of Dahini in a tv, Dahini said that the killer is like a child, who begged for love and care and wanted to taste the love of happiness and lay within mother’s arm. When he saw that he got ashamed of himself and killed himself. Finally, the killer reaches the foot of God and gets love he begged for so long. The cinematographer of the movie has done a ravishing job by capturing the scenes beautifully even in dark places. Psycho is a compelling and suspenseful film with Mysskin’s signature touch and the whole crew of the movie had played a fantastic job and the made the movie so good. Definitely the audience may gain a unique experience and will set as a pure trademark in Myskin’s film list.

Movie Analysis by: Mouli Priya

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