SILLU KARUPATTI is a Tamil movie, which is a great gem to the Indian film industry. The story and the director of the film is Halitha Shameem and produced by Venkatesh Velineni. The most lovable part of the movie was music composed by Pradeep Kumar. This movie has four stories in it. The stories show us about childhood love, teenage love, love in old age and love after marriage life. In simple, love from the starting of our life till the end of our life has been shown in this movie in a beautiful manner.

The stories are Pink bag, Kakka kadi, Turtles and Hey ammu. The artists who performed in this movie have given their best. The pink bag is a story about a young boy who lives in a slum and collects the items from a dump yard. He founds a picture of a girl and a ring missed by her, how he tries to return it to the girl is an interesting and thought-provoking part of the story. Kakka kadi is a story where a teenage man suffers from cancer and his marriage also has been stopped because of it. When he accidentally met a girl in a cab and had a chance to meet her daily, and how they both get into their love story is an amazing part of the story.

Turtles is a fabulous story of an old couple, where the lady is unmarried and the old man feels in love with her by seeing her innocence and childhood behavior. And how they both commit their life after experiencing the world of loneliness is an amazing part of the story. The last story is Hey ammu, where a couple is suffering from a difference of opinion. When the husband gives a speaker to his wife as their anniversary gift that speaker made them to feel their feelings for each other heart and live a happy life is a lovely part of the story. Therefore Sillu Karupatti movie is an underrated gem of Tamil cinema. This movie shows us the real world and had built a bridge between the public and the movie to make a personal connection for all the people. The public enjoyed the movie. This movie is a wonderful treat for the people who love cinema. SILLU KARUPATTI will be considered as one of the best movies of 2020.


Film Analysis by Mouli Priya – Avichi College of Arts and Science