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Movie Analysis: The Platform – A Netflix Original’s

THE PLATFORM – A Netflix Original’s

Director: Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia

Duration: 1hr 34minutes

Genre: Horror, Rated R

Writing Credits: David Desola, Pedro Rivero


Antonia San Juan: Imouguri

Ivan Massague: Goreng


A limited theatrical release around the world has not stopped it’s hit. The traditional tool played here, word-of-mouth switched its reach. And Netflix – made it to millions. The quarantine is unexpected but the release is expected and the expectancy of wondering to be a good film has it’s access now. Seek it out. Worth a look.


It never does!

The genre hit is what this movie is to be called. A brainy concept is what “The Platform” delivers you. An organized and well-structured plot surrounds the movie with “The Hole”. Many floors tall in a prison and a platform descends through a large hole in the middle of the building, and for the entire day it’s the only window of opportunity for food. The floors named ‘levels’ and the number of them is mysterious. At the ascending count from level 1, the heavenly period where the prisoners have access to a feast of lovingly prepared dishes. If each one of the level eats a limited ration, the feast could reach all way to the last prisoner. But everything follows in vain.

The notable man, the story peeps us through Goreng (Ivan Massague), who enters the prison voluntarily to quit smoking. The prisoners are allowed to take one thing inside the prison and he chose to have a book. Without analyzing what is the mechanics in the prison he goes in. He’s tranquilized and opens his eyes he is at the 48th level. His first cellmate explains about The Hole to him first. He’s gets learned about the mechanics of the platform and on level 48 there’s some decent ration of food. The surprising part is, the laws and rules of the prison. The inmates change floors every month. But wonder how people survive in the lower floors. The disgust or the arrogant faces of the people start to build up and the audience should be ready for it.

The moral tale is excellent and clear- the haves and the have-nots is the key. The ration for the haves to be precisely intaken and that will lead the ration for at least a meanest for the have-nots. The writers David Desola and Pedro Rivero and the director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia made this film with multiple impressive twists and developed it within the limited setting area. The floor change idea is where a new light of reflecting about the casts describes to the society. Humanity grows up in the minds of the audience. The luck, enjoyment, when they reach a higher level and their animalistic brutal behavior when they are shifted to the lower deck, are the beauties of the coin.

To continue surprise acts of blood baths and action fills the story. “In a league of its own” is ultimately “The Platform” makes. As we see how society functions (or fails to do so) in the face of one of history’s most devastating crisis. An effect of honor film, “The platform” reminds the humans to glimpse their mirror.


Film Analysis by Vigneshwar

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