Director: Pavel Navageethan
Producer: Aravind Dharmaraja, N.A.Ramu, Saravanan ponraj
Music: Ronnie raphel
Cinematographer: Krishnasekar T.S
Starring: Ram arun castro, Vishnu priya.

V1, MURDER CASE is a thriller. This movie was really an engrossing film. The main plot of the movie is an innocent girl has been murdered by a person. Forensic officers investigated this case and finally reveal the person who killed the girl brutally and also finds reason for that. As the movie goes very interesting and thought-provoking, until the climax the audience were very keen on the movie to see the killer. As the hero in the movie suffers from nyctophobia because of his wife’s unexpected and sudden death, he faces a lot of challenges and problems while investigating the case. As the movie was so enthralling we could not able to guess the next move of the investigation. The way they find for evidence and identify the clues were very unique and different style was done by artists. Finally, at the climax, the killer and the truth will be revealed which is totally unexpected for the audience. The movie delivered a very good message and a sad happening which even happens today in our society. That most terrific problem was caste and the father kills her own daughter for loving a boy from another caste and the father kills his own daughter for loving a boy from another caste. Overall, the v1 movie is an excellent movie, everyone must see the movie and make the best response and positive response for it.


Film Analysis by Mouli Priya – Avichi College of Arts and Science