Navarasa is an upcoming anthology that is created by legendary director Mani Ratnam and Jayendra Pachapakesan. The anthology is about the nine rasas and each part of the anthology deals with each of the nine rasas. Also, Navarasa’s nine parts are directed by nine popular directors. Since the day of the announcement about this anthology happened there are huge expectations and hype created among the audiences.
The anthology will be released on August 6 on Netflix OTT platform. A few days back the most awaited teaser of Navarasa was created and it induced extra hype and expectations about the anthology. And now, the trailer of Navarasa is out and is impressing audiences. It is no doubt that this anthology is going to be a great treat for the audience. All the talented actors and directors have worked in this anthology and we can expect a perfect drama. Stay tuned for more updates.