Nitham Oru Vaanam

A man who’s on the road to understanding his life’s journey! An excellent drama with delicacy and breadth.


Language: Tamil

Cast: Ashok Selvan,Ritu Varma,Aparna Balamurali

Director: R. Karthick


First-time feature film director Ra Karthik bases Nitham Oru Vaanam on a plot that seems familiar: a hero is filled with resentment when the bride his parents arranged for him breaks off the engagement to be with another man. Then, out of nowhere, Karthik tells a funny, heartfelt story about second beginnings and the true meaning of love. In the first scene, Arjun (Ashok Selvan) is seen at a bus terminal in Bhubaneswar, telling Shubha (Ritu Varma), a fellow passenger, the sad story of his shattered engagement. Subha is an experienced traveler who thrives on her own and who likes to be out in the world. Than Arjun can’t even remember where he put his own suitcase and won’t sleep anyplace but his own bed.


How a guy who is deathly averse to germs and hates to leave his house at all costs finds himself on an adventure. Of course, as is customary in Tamil films, there is a general lack of knowledge of OCD, depression, and the doctor-patient dynamic in general. To help Arjun cope with the breakup of his engagement, his family doctor provides him with two diaries to read. Arjun is not your standard hero. Would is reserved and shy, and he much rather is alone with his books than with other people. The doctor explains to him that she writes short stories in each diary. The diaries focus on the romance of two couples who, despite many obstacles, managed to stay together. And it ends on a cliffhanger, much to the dismay of Arjun’s “obsessive personality.” A few pages toward the end were ripped off.

He will need to visit Kolkata and maybe Himachal Pradesh in order to find out more about the couples’ whereabouts and their destiny. So, he unwillingly leaves. Arjun imagines himself to be the main character in every book he reads. That’s quite interesting to watch out in the movie!


As I told earlier, this book that Arjun is to read has two tales in which Arjun imagines he is the protagonist, in one case Veera (Ashok Selvan) who is in love with Meenakshi (Shivathmika), and in the other, Prabha (Ashok Selvan) and Mathi (Shivathmika) (Aparna Balamurali).

To succeed in life, Arjun must overcome his depression and embrace a more optimistic outlook. Along the way to fulfillment, he befriends Shubatra (Ritu Varma), who shares his enthusiasm for pani puri. Arjun tells her the same thing he told his ex-fiancée before she left him for another guy, and she shrugs her shoulders and they have it again. Now is the time for Arjun to give in to this and go on this trip with her. What transpires next is the story’s central plot point.


Enjoy and see how and where life takes you;


The film explores the depths to which a person may fall in love and the wounds that might result from the painful realization that those feelings no longer exist. Everyone has an anecdote that may be related to the events and emotions in the narrative.

Exactly what the filmmaker intends to convey is made quite obvious. Your need for quiet while watching the film comes from its themes of acceptance and education. A tragic event provides the protagonist, a damaged character who is unable to embrace certain harsh truths about life, with lessons about, well, life.


Any one of us may be the “Arjun” of the group. Although we yearn for the freedom to live life on our own terms, we often unintentionally cause suffering to those we care about most. Arjun also has a habit of rubbing the wrong way with those closest to him.


One of the best dramas of the year;

Ashok Selvan has excelled well. In fact, every single one of the performers has done such a fantastic job that you’ll end up caring deeply about every single one of the characters. The film’s spirit is raised by Vidhu Ayyana’s camerawork, S Kamal Nathan’s set design, and Naviadevi Raikumar’s costumes.

A very special mention to Gopi Sundar, the film’s music director, who deserves praise for breathing life into the proceedings with his score.

The debate will move you deeply and cause you to question all you know. Some sequences are so high that you will remember everything about them—the actors’ performances, the lines they say, the atmosphere they create, and how you felt while watching. Shivathmika, Ritu Varma, and Aparna Balamurali all gave strong performances.

At the film’s conclusion, Arjun has realized the value of living an upbeat life. As he matures, he begins to adopt some of the traits of others around him, but he is careful to maintain his own charisma.



Nitham Oru Vaanam ~ One of the best dramas of the year

Rating: 3.5/5

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