Neither here nor there

After a stupendous show in Asuran that won him many awards, Dhanush is back to a commercial fare with Pattas that released for the Pongal festival. It is directed by Durai SenthilKunar who worked with Dhanush on a couple of films before.

The movie is a revenge drama that we gave seen on many occasions. It is a predictable fare that begins on expected lines. But a huge star cast with intense action makes it a worthy watch.

Release date – 15 January 2020 Genre – Action, drama and sentiment

Cast -Dhanush, Sneha, Mehreen Pirzada, Munish Kanth
Music – Vivek – Mervin
Camera – Om Prakash
Written & Directed by – Durai Senthilkumar
Produced by – Sathyajothi Films

Run time 141 minutes


What’s best

* Dhanush in dual roles is a delight to watch. As a father, he excels. Bubbly and energetic Dhanush as a son does gives his best.

* Among heroines, Sneha has plenty to offer. After Pudhupettai she joins hands with Dhanush again here

* Mehreen Pirzada looks cute and runs around tree romancing Dhanush.

* Munishkanth tries to evoke laughter and succeeds to an extent.

* Vivek- Mervin’s music and BGM are highlights.


The movie is a typical revenge drama. The scenes in most places are familiar. The plot too is wafer-thin. But screenplay makes it’s brisk. Whatmore the movie speaks about an ancient forgotten martial arts form. Action scenes and bubbly romantic scenes make it an interesting watch. Especially the flashback portions add some weight.

Dhanush proves he can do any role with ease while Sneha showing her versatility. Naveen Chandra is adequate.

Technically it is a good show. Om Prakash’s camera captures rural beauty well. Prakash Mabbu’s adoring could have been crisp though

Pattas is not a huge blast. More smoke, less fire.


Rating : [rating=2.75]