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Friday, January 27SOCIAL MEDIA

Pichaikaaran Movie Review

Sasi has made a worthy comeback with Pichaikaaran. Though there are few ups and downs, the film has been served as a decent melodrama with equal quantity of sentiment, action, romance and comedy.
Quick Glance
What’s great?
1. Vijay Antony’s performance
2. Gripping Dialogues 
3. Sentiment scenes between Mother and Son
4. BGM and Songs placed perfectly
What’s not?
1. Too many fights which could have been avoided
2. Over-exaggeration of the subject
4. Vijay Antony could have concentrated better on romace scenes.
The Cast
Vijay Antony has given a wonderful performance with this film but at few places felt that he could have concentrated better in romance sequence. Satna Titus played it well and so does other supporting stars. Some characters could have been avoided.
The Team
Its a wonderful attempt by Sasi and it is worth to note that the BGM and songs fit in properly. Cinematography by Prasanna Kumar is top notch and the cuts by Veera Senthilkumar is neat and perfect. 
Bottom line – An emotional drama that makes the right impact and is worth watching once.


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