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Pokkiri Raja Movie Review

Pokkiri Raja : A new attempt that failed to create an impact

Release date: 04 Mar 2016 Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama
Cast: Jiiva, Sibiraj Sathyaraj, Hansika Motwani, Mayilsamy, Manobala and many others Written & Director by Ramprakash Rayappa
Music by D Imman Cinematography Anji DOP
Edited by VJ Sabu Joseph Production company PTS Film International
Distributed by Cosmo Village Runtime: 141 Minutes
Language Tamil CBFC Rating ‘U’

Directed by Tamizhukku En 1-Ai Azhuthavum director Ramprakash Rayappa, this film stars Jiiva, Hansika, Sibiraj, Yogi Babu among others in pivotal roles. The wage written script and unnecessary placement of songs makes the film to be irritating at few stretches but then the unique attempt of the director makes the movie one time watchable.

Not to forget the performance of Jiiva, Sibiraj and our beautiful young lady Hansika and the comedy sequences which is yet another aspect of this movie which makes us stick to the movie. Though the comedy sequences worked out to an extent, at few places one would feel that the director could have concentrated more on balancing the comedy, history and other aspects in the movie.

Imman’s background score is another positive aspect of this film and the cuts by VJ Sabu Joseph is not up to the mark as it looks dragging and tests once patience in the first half. Also cinematographer Anji did not succeed in giving us a whole new experience.


The film revolves around Sanjeevi (Jiiva) who often lands up in trouble and also frequently removed from his job due to his yawns which can make the whole office feel sleepy. Then he meets our beautiful Hansika and in the meantime he gets a job where Hansika is already working.

In the course of time he gets to know more about her and her social activities (stopping men from urinating in public). He then leands a helping hand in her social moment and during which he humiliates the villain Cooling Glass Guna (Sibiraj) without knowing that he is a gangster.

The rest of the story deals with Sibiraj’s revenge against Jiiva with comical twist and turns in the second half.

Verdict: One time watchable Masala venture

Certified Fresh – YES!


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