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Wednesday, August 10SOCIAL MEDIA


As we all know, Milind Soman is a popular actor, a supermodel and a fitness enthusiast. The Actor is super fit and always inspire his fans with his fitness video. The actor is 55 years old and the way he maintain his body fit gave him huge fan base. Meanwhile, the actor usually give his fans a task to take a selfie with him. Now, he has given one of his women fan to take push ups to have a selfie with him.

The actor has shared the video of a woman taking push ups for a selfie with him and wrote, “One of my favorite pushups for selfie people! I was in a small street market, I think it was in Raipur, eating some local yum stuff, and this lady asked for a selfie. As soon as I said 10 pushups she was on the ground and started even before I switched on the camera! No problem with saree, no problem with people around, no problem with never having done pushups ever, no excuses at all. Sometimes, all the fitness you need, to be able to live a better life, or get the things you want, is the ability to say YES, I CAN DO THIS! And yes, I took a really nice selfie with her on her own phone.”

This video is receiving mixed responses and some of the fans are upset with the actor’s decision as the woman was taking push ups in a saree. Stay tuned!

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