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Thursday, August 11SOCIAL MEDIA


The second wave of covid-19 is so intense and we have already lost many talented celebrities. The covid-19 is giving huge shock and despair by taking the lives of many popular faces. Now, Popular Actress Manju Stanley who has acted in supporting roles in TV shows passed away due to covid-19 complications in Kerala. Her co-actor Kishore Satya mourned over the demise of the Actress’ death in social media.

He wrote, “Last night I got a call from director Ansar Khan and he informed me that there is an update that Manju, had done the character of the house owner in our show is no more. Even though I was upset by the news I hoped it was fake news. But this morning I have seen updates from many news portals and I was surprised to know she was the daughter of Pattom Stanley, someone I know well. I called him up praying that it should be fake news.


But what he said broke my heart. Her chirpy talks and lovely smile will no longer be there in the location,” and also added, “Dear ones, we were fooling our minds thinking that COVID had only reached our neighbourhood. But, please be aware that it is reaching our homes too. The story of oxygen scarcity is not only in Mumbai or Delhi, it’s the same in our Kerala too. Please be cautious. It is the only way to secure our dear one.” Stay tuned for more updates.

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