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Pycho: Gripping Tale

Mysskin is known for his dark thrillers. His movies speak a different language and Psycho is no different. It is not a regular serial killer story. There are intriguing moments. A gripping tale with enough to enthrall the audience. However, towards the end, the movie loses steam and lacks that punch that one would associate with such thrillers. In a nutshell, the movie is about a visually-challenged music conductor who goes all the way to save his girlfriend who is kidnapped by a psycho.

Release date – 24 January 2020
Genre – Dark action thriller
Cast – Udhayanidhi, Aditi, Nithya Menen, Ram, Shaji Chen
Music – Ilayaraja
Camera – Tanveer Mir
Written & Directed by– Mysskin

Run time – 2 hours 25 minutes

What’s best

* Udhayanidhi’s show as visually0challenged music conductor

* Among heroines, Aditi Hyadri has plenty to offer

* Nithya Menen’s characterization

* Ilayaraja’s music adds strength to the movie. His BGM does provide a necessary feel.


The movie is a cat and mouse drama. The plot may be wafer thin but deserves mention for it has been written well by Mysskin. The highlight of the movie is Udhayanidhi’s role. As a musician, he does chip in with his best. Though it is a Udhayanidhi’s film, still one should sympathize with the baddie Psycho, who meets with his end towards the climax.

Technically it is a good show. Tanveer Mir’s camera captures nights well. Ilayaraja’s music adds more strength. The length is a bit of concern. The movie loses steam as it nears the end.

SCORE: [rating=3]