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Wednesday, November 30SOCIAL MEDIA

Public Movie Analysis: HIT


Directed by: Sailesh Kolanu

Writing Credits: Chanti Karani


Vishwak Sen – Vikram

Ruhani Sharma – Neha

Murli Sharma – Ibrahim

Brahmaji – Shinde

Chaitanya Sagiraju – Rohit

Genre:  Mystery/Thriller

Duration: 2hr 06minutes

Language: Telugu


Thriller films are expected to have an edge of a seat concept, to satisfy the audience, and holding the attention from start to finish decides the movie’s success. While a few films get somewhere close to that mark, many films fail big time in ticking what they intended to. With HIT, the director has hit the bull’s eye. An investigative officer who takes on a special case which involves in the abduction of an 18-year old girl.


Vikram (Vishwak Sen) is an effective and intelligent investigative officer who is struggling to deal with post-traumatic stress. He gets panic attacks whenever he’s reminded of his past. He takes a special interest in the case of an 18-year old girl named Preethi, who goes missing and while handling it so he is fighting with his past memories.

HIT (Homicide Intervention Team) is a perfect example of when a brilliant script meets the best of cast and technicians. The title name goes by right from the word go, the film holds you by the shoulder and grabs your attention. It doesn’t waste time in establishing characters as the story continues the audience easily catches up its twists and improvisations. It delves right into the story. And the tension in finding the whereabouts of Preethi makes the audience equally curious about the case.

Director Sailesh Kolanu’s HIT works well with the audience majorly because of its attention to details and its originality. The film doesn’t disguise as an investigative thriller and makes the viewer gives the viewer a rundown of a case. You get to know how a lie-detector and narco tests are used for an investigative process. The story gives you an accurate portrayal of an investigation and pulls you into it.

The filmmaker should also be appreciated for showing his hero Vishwak Sen as a general human who lives as a day to day office going person. He is not the usual ‘hero’ who gets everything right from the moment he jumps into the case. Here, Vikram struggles personally and also finds himself in a helpless position when the clues are not fixed. And the use of fire to describe Vikram’s emotions adds a brilliant touch to this well-executed film.

Vishwak Sen’s beautiful resemblance in the role of Vikram is the soul of HIT. He is completely in his element and doesn’t display his emotions at the drop of a hat. And that’s exactly what you expect out of a police officer. Neha (Ruhani Sharma) made a very good act In HIT, though she has limited screen presence but makes the most of it.

HIT is one of the few films which keeps you guessing till the end. The only drawback of the film is its climax. Though the story perfectly connects all the dots, it is still underwhelming when the big reveal happens. That’s the only grouse in an otherwise perfect film. Director Sailesh Kolanu’s HIT is a  real blockbuster. Will blow your minds from the beginning.


Reviewed by Vigneshwar

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