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Tuesday, February 7SOCIAL MEDIA

Public Movie Analysis: Trance


Directed by: Anwar Rasheed

Writing Credits: Vincent Vadakkan


Fahadh Faasil – Joshua Carlton / Viju Prasad

Gautham Vasudev Menon – Solomon Davis

Nazriya Nazim – Esther Lopez

Chemban Vinod Jose – Issac Thomas

Genre:  Psychological drama / 

Duration: 2hr 2 minutes


Trance: A half-conscious state characterized by an absence of response to external stimuli, typically induced by hypnosis or entered by a medium. (Dullness, sharpness, lust, vision) – This is the meaning that the dictionary gives to trance. Trance is a state of drowsiness or schizophrenia. In a sense, this is a situation that Anwar Rasheed’s film gives to the ‘trans’ audience. The director has created a mystical mood with visuals, sound effects, and situations.


A small town in Kanyakumari, where Viju Prasad (Fahad Fazil)  stays in a rented house with his mentally ill brother. Viju moves his life as a motivational trainer and working in a hotel. Thousands of people participating to hear his speech is the only dream which Viju had. But with Aniyan’s death (Sreenath Bhasi), Viju’s brother, he is depressed. So he decided to leave the town and moved to Mumbai. He meets new people there and his new lifestyle begins there.

The title TRANCE – is the changes in mood at various intervals. He is now a Miracle healing master now. From Viju to Joshua Carlton Pastor. (JC) – means Jesus Christ.

Fahad’s act is tremendous. His natural body language and his eye-catching expressions are the charms of the movie. His mood swing activity scene transformations are lit. It’s a good talk of the show. The exceptional theme is the new taste. The boldness and the ginger show by healing the pain of people in the name of God is the contemporary content of the story which is established daringly. As the name suggests, the character Esther in the movie uses ca

The film is about a trance, as the name of the film suggests. The character Esther in the movie uses dope and alcohol to escape her problems. Joshua relies on medication for this. But billions of people around the world rely on faith.

Excessive dependence on faith is also a problem, as anything can be off-limits. It brings believers into a trance mode. They are easy to exploit and cling to. The story shows believers who are vulnerable to such exploitation. The picture does not rule out the use of religion in all religions. Examples include the nun who forced a child to be taken to the hospital with prayer and said that Joshua is a hypocrite. In short, the theme of the film is the exploitation of religion rather than religion.

Though it is a linear storytelling style, the presentation style creates an awful image. The script is more dramatic and eventful. The image is a little more engaging from the second half.

Fahadh’s One Man Show and added to it Gautham Menon’s role is shocking. Gautam Menon has succeeded in presenting the attitude of a corporate boss completely in his body language. Chemban Vinod is playing the part of Gautham Menon’s partner. Both were excellent performances.

One of the highlights of the film is that Nazriya is coming after her marriage with Fahad Fazil. Nazriya surprised the audience with a super makeover. The character gives depth to the character.

The technical side is the backbone of the film. Amal Neerad’s cinematography does not seem to require much explanation. Amal Neerad’s camera was instrumental in creating the mood of the film. Amal’s most striking feature is that it comes in very stylish, sleek, and frames. Amal has done a lot of experiments on-camera movements and settings of frames.

Music is more pleasing. With Jackson Vijayan and Sushin Shyam. Jackson and Amal have created a special atmosphere for music and visuals. Even the songs in the film are composed in such a way that they are in a mood. Pravin Prabhakar’s editing also did a great work in Edit. Rasool Pookutty’s Sound Sink is a must-see experience from the theater itself.


Reviewed By Vigneshwar