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Tuesday, January 31SOCIAL MEDIA

Public Movie Review : Love Mocktail


Directed by: Darling Krishna

Writing Credits: Darling Krishna


Darling Krishna – Adi

Milana Nagaraj – Nidhi

Abhilaash – Vijay

Rachana Inder – Aditi

Genre:  Drama, Romance

Duration: 2hr 33minutes

Language: Kannada


Love Mocktail is a conversation-based journey as told by Adi (Krishna) to Rachna (Aditi). In a series of flashback episodes, Adi narrates the different stages of his life. The first half is more or less the experience of many among us.True love they say, happens only once in a lifetime. But for our protagonist, Adi (Krishna), love happens at different stages of his life.


A sweet and pleasant experience brought to the audience by the director makes it worth. Adi’s school boy play was depicted by Dhanush. During his school days, he falls in love with Reema (Vibha), and as a reason of a barrier called English, his love fails with her. His second love happens with JO (Amrutha Iyengar), who is rich in class. During his Engineering period the life was to the fullest to both of them. But the happiness never lasted, diffrence of opinions developed between the two and also Jo’s thought of their lifestyle with Adi can never be achieved, and so there ends.

Adi’s school friend (Vijay) goes all out to settle his life, and he is introduced to Nidhi, a strong independent woman and an IT employee. Adi marries Nidhi. There is more to this love story, which happens after marriage when Nidhi reveals that they are going to be parents. The happiness in the couple’s life comes to a standstill after she suffers a miscarriage. While Adi reassures Nidhi,  he himself goes through a difficult process. How he gradually copes with life is brought forth through a range of emotions that leaves you with a musical hangover.

Having taken on the responsibilities of direction, production, and acting, the multi-tasker Krishna has more or less enjoyed the process of the making and it is clearly visible. He takes us through different stages of life, which are as close to reality as possible, and at times takes us on a nostalgic journey. While the film’s takeaway will be those little elements in this romcom, there are moments where he puts the audience through an emotional ride.Though the subject is familiar, the presentation is fresh. Krishna gets strong support from the film’s music director, Raghu Dixit. The beautiful picturisation by Sri Crazy Minds elevates the film.

A debutant, cleared his track by having a good response over the movie. Making the small in’s and out’s of the movies technical glinches, he is deligence. And his acting is appealing on the screen. Love Mocktail, an amusing show. Enjoy the joy of heartstrings!