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Putham Pudhu Kaalai

Putham Pudhu Kaalai


A Tamil Anthology? Sounding the kollywood habitats to chill out with their loved ones. Five stories that lock’s you in front of prime. 5 best in the businesses, directed by Suhasini Mani Ratnam, Rajiv Menon, Sudha Kongara, Karthik Subbaraj and Gautham Vasudev Menon delivers the tales.

Just some thoughts from my heart about the story is what at last you can narrate about it.

A single sentence can excite you in unimaginable ways and that’s exactly what happened when Madhavan said in the voice over, “Like I said, nammala avanga epdi feel panna vekrangandradhu dhan matter; foolish, happy, and most importantly young”. What we have seen in many movies that, love can make us feel young but to this tale that literally translated on screen is really brilliant.


“Illamai Idho Idho” is charming, engaging, and a feel good tale. Perfection in the execution is the word you can exactly deliver atlast. For “Illamai Idho Idho”, the characterizations – can’t be in a more perfect way than this. The chemistry between Jayaram (old rajiv padmanabhan) and Urvasi (old Lakshmi Krishnan) can be kept onn penned. As this pair raises the question at the end, why didn’t we see such a pair before, in Tamil cinema? Remembered Alaipayuthey?, you’ll get all in this 25minutes. The childlike arguments all such, made it beautiful. At the same scenario two experienced actors at one end and this end the young couples, say Kalidas jayaram and kalyani priyadarshan have pulled it off exceptionally and I really loved their performances. The whole point is to make us smile and you will constantly smile through the entire short. And to excel about the shots, Niketh Bommi’s quality cinemato shots kept the love in air with G.V. Prakash kumar music of using old songs at places sets up the mood perfectly and we feel exactly the way the writers would have wanted us to feel.


“Avarum Nanum”, a granddaughter – grandfather reconciliation. Ritu Varma (kanna) is not really fond of his grandpa as he did not accept his daughter who married a man of her choice. She turns to her grandpa’s house, Ms.Bhaskar (thaatha) to take care of him during the lockdown. The simple composition in the camera actually makes the movie special, added to it the lighting which delves the emotions much transparently to the audience. “The team video calls is the new Bigg Boss, solid entertainment, so says thaatha”. Is what “Avarum Nanum”, thaatha’s solid entertainment in Gautham’s sweet voice overs screenplays.


“Coffee Anyone?” – would probably say a good old tale! By Suhasani Mani Ratnam. Three sisters, Anu, Suhasini and Shruti Haasan. Shruti who is thrown out of her home by her mother is stubborn to visit her mom in Chennai who is in a hospitalised bed state. The other 2 sisters come to visit her and also to celebrate her 75th birthday. A quite dramatic story, which slows down a bit and ends with the title, “Coffee Anyone?” in their hands.


“Reunion” by Rajiv Menon – “That was for you sadhana…” is the touch menon, surprised the audience with. Sadhana (Andrea Jeremiah) and Vikram (Sikkil Gurucharan) are two-high school friends who are met suddenly. Sadhana enters Vikram’s house as her bike gets repaired. As it is not safe to travel more in the lockdown, vikram suggests sadhana to stay at his house, where his mom would be her companion. They soon face the COVID crisis and how the way “Reunion” ends is Rajiv Memon’s touch at last.


“Miracle” – Karthik Subbaraj’s funny writings ads the show a plus. Bobby Simhaa and his assistant trying to get rich with one big theft and so they can happily spend their lockdown with no money crisis. Miracle, as the title says, they wait for a miracle to happen in their life. This story is the shortest of all other and persuades you to have it a much more extended line to enjoy the two thieves’ miracle happenings. Seeing a complete pack of emotious story in the front, Subburaj’s story ends the “Putham pudhu kalai” with a funny script tale ending. The anthology made it even more beautiful than as expected and wished to have a feature version to most of the scripts.

Worth a watch on Amazon Prime Video from October 16th.


Review by Vigneshwar V G