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Wednesday, December 7SOCIAL MEDIA

PVP trashes rumours about quitting Kollywood Industry

There were certain sections in media which recently reported that PVP cinemas will be quitting from the Tamil Film industry. This news was a shock for many and this was spreading in the social networking sites. Now the producers of many successful movies PVP Cinemas have come forward to clear the rumours that are pertaining to the company. PVP in the official press release have stated that though they are seasoned production house, they are well aware that there are many ups and downs in the industry. And that occasional draw backs can never be doomed to an establishment like theirs. Also in the press release they have stated that there is a much anticipated Hero-Director combination that will soon been produced by them and this would be one of the biggest for the company. So they have requested everyone to ignore such rumours and to support them as always.
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