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Rajavukku Check

Rajavukku Check: Well begun, half done


For those who have grown up seeing Chetan as a soft-spoken and righteous man in his movies and more so an Appa after recent Bigg Boss season, Rajavukku Check may come as a real shocker. He plays a cop and he makes his entry in the movie with a bottle of liquor. And what more he flexes his muscles in this revenge drama – a kidnap saga.

A thriller film, written and directed by Sai Rajkumar. It stars Irfan as the antagonist with actresses Srushti Dange, Sarayu and Nandana Varma in supporting roles. In a nutshell, the movie is about four baddies who decide to kidnap the daughter of a cop for a reason.


Release Date – 24 January, 2020
Genre -Action thriller
Cast – Cheran, Srushti Dange, Sarayu, Nandana Varma, Irfan
Music – Vinod Yajamaanya
Camera – M S Prabhu
Production – Soman Pallatte, Thomas Kokkatt
Written & Direction – Sai Rajkumar

Run Time – 2 hour nine minutes


What’s best

* Cheran’s performance in a complex role, a surprise element in his character

* Irfan as an antagonist is convincing and comes clean with a good show

* A good first half with suspense at right places

* The scenes where Cheran is monitored by baddies even when he is at home.


The movie is a suspense thriller that promises aplenty. While it begins with a surprise, it fizzles out as it progresses. The plot gets predictable. Srushti Dangae is also there as a familiar face. Irfan saves the day at places. But the drawback is the execution of the scenes. It is a letdown.

Technically M S Prabhu has captured the thrills and suspense well. What looks like a promising script is filled with lots of melodramatic moments. But three cheers to Cheran, whose screen presence holds it through.


Score : [rating=2.75]

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