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Tuesday, November 29SOCIAL MEDIA

Rajini, Suriya, SK contribute for FEFSI workers

Shootings are on hold in Kollywood 19 March. Members of Film Employees Federation of South India (FEFSI) where more than 70 percent of the members are daily wagers are worst hit. Director RK Selvamani who heads FEFSI released a statement requesting all actors and actresses to come forward and help FEFSI members. In the letter, he said, ‘Members are calling me and asking for work. When I told the member, who is a light man, that it would take at least another 15 to 20 days, he told me that his children were starving back home as he had no money for food.’


Through this letter, Selvamani requested his colleagues, especially actors and actresses to contribute to FEFSI members. FEFSI comprises of 25,000 members across different aspects of film making. Selvamani has said that even if a family can get a pack of rice, it will suffice the basic food requirements.

Actor-politician Rajinikanth donated Rs 50 lakh towards the cause. Legendary actor Sivakumar along with his sons Suriya and Karthi were the firsts to contribute after Selvamani’s letter. Suriya and Karthi have reportedly donated Rs 10 lakh. Actor Sivakarthikeyan came forward and donated Rs 10 lakh for the cause.

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