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Thursday, February 2SOCIAL MEDIA

Rajinikanth tweets, thanks media

A couple of days after actor-politician Rajinikanth called on media and said that he is not keen on becoming Chief Minister, he today tweeted saying a big thank you to media, public and his fans for helping his message reach masses. He wrote that he is thankful to the media for reaching his message that it is the time for political change to nook and corner of the state.

Speaking to presspersons Thursday, Rajinikanth said that he has no interest in being Tamil Nadu’s chief minister and prefers to remain the head of his prospective party. He also said that it is time to bring political change. He also said that youngsters will be given more opportunities in his party.

This remarks by Rajinikanth was widely discussed in social media and other public forums. His fans were initially disappointed with his decisions. But overcame them and started to share his words.