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One of the most beautiful actresses in the industry is Rashmika Mandanna. Also the National Crush of India. Today, the South Beauty is celebrating her 25th birthday. Ahead of her birthday, she has revealed the plans. It is suspected that the plans are gonna be a little different. YES!! She is marking her identity in a Hindi movie alongside Amitabh Bachchan, titled Goodbye.


Rashmika revealed that “I,m shooting, this time my birthday is all about work… it will just be about being on the sets, chilling with everybody.” From this note, it is understood that Rashmika is away from her family and friends due to her shoot schedule. At present, she is residing in Mumbai due to commitments.

Expressing her thoughts on the same, she shares, “Expect the lockdown, I never really could celebrate my birthday with family but of course, this time with my friends also I’m not celebrating because I’m gonna be working. I feel grateful, I have no complaints…. I’m such a workaholic but yes, birthday is one day where I recollect the years of hard work and chill but this time, I get to work with the best people, what could have been better than that.”


The beauty queen is in Mumbai busy with her movie schedules. The notable point is she is enjoying the hustle of life along with her work. She finally shared that, “My state of mind would be calm, and just focus on work. And I’m so focused on work that my friends and family say ‘do you remember we exist.”


May she acquire a ravishing result for her hard work and have a happy year ahead. Stay connected with us for more breaking updates.