Actors: RJ Balaji, Aishwarya Rajesh, Isha Talwar
Directed by: Jiyen Krishnakumar
Produced by: S. Lakshman Kumar
Cinematography: S. Yuva
Edited by: G. Madan
Music by: Sam C. S.

RJ Balaji has delivered good content with movies including LKG, Mookuthi Amman, and Veetla Vishesham. He has come out of his safe zone for the first time and given us Run Baby Run. Read our review to find out if this movie has worked in favor of RJ Balaji or not.


While RJ Balaji is living happily with a job, a nice house, and a car, suddenly Aishwarya Rajes gets into his car one day.

Aishwarya Rajesh is found dead the next morning after RJ Balaji reluctantly lets her stay at his house after he finds out that she is in some big trouble. What did Balaji do after that, who killed Aishwarya Rajesh and why did they do this forms the rest of the story.

Analysis of the film

RJ Balaji for the first time has done a movie without any comedy scenes. He played the serious character very well. Especially the scenes where he wanders with Aishwarya Rajesh’s body in the box are extremely tense, and especially the scene where Aishwarya Rajesh’s hand hangs out makes one freeze in fear for a minute.

The first half of the film takes us to the tip of the iceberg and has strong background music and cinematography.

All the suspense is there in the first half, but it unravels one by one in the second half. However, the excitement of the first half is a little lacking in the second half.


  • The first half of the film
  • Performance of RJ Balaji and Aishwarya Rajesh
  • Music and cinematography are major plus.


The second half could have been a little more lively.

Verdict: RJ Balaji has proved that not only comedy but can also play serious roles with ease.