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Seeru: Anger & Agony

Jiiva has immense acting potential and now and then he proved his skills with performance-oriented movies. But he met with mixed opinions both at the box office and critical acclaims. The actor has chosen to go the commercial way in Seeru. It is an action thriller written by Rekka fame Rathina Siva. Besides Jiiva, it stars Varun, Riya Suman too in the cast. The movie bankrolled by Vela International. The movie is about a young man who takes cudgels against a criminal for his sister and his friends.
Release Date: 7 February, 2020
Cast: Jiiva, Riya Suman, Sathish, Varun, Navdeep
Music: D Imman
Production: Ishari Ganesh
Direction: Rathina Siva
Run Time: 2.04 hours


  • Pre- interval portions involving Jiiva and Varun.
  •  Imman’s catchy music and background score.
  • Crisp runtime for an action movie.
  • Prasanna Kumar’s bright camera work

What’s Best

The movie is a racy entertainer. What begins with establishing characters gains momentum as it progresses. The twists and turns are good. Jiiva has given a solid performance and Varun is equally good. Sathish’s one-liners make you laugh. Also, action blocks are choreographed well.
On the flip side, it is predictable towards the end. Also, it missed out on mass hero elements. Had the writing been stronger, it would have ended up engaging the audience more.

Score – [rating=2.75]

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