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Sema Movie Review

Sema – Refreshing entertainer of this season


The story which is set based on the true event has GV Prakash playing the lead and he is joining with debutant Vallikanth in this semi urban entertainment. To know more about this flick, read our review below to know in detail about the film.

Release date: 25 May 2018 Genre: Comedy, Drama
Cast: Dinesh, Manisha Yadav, Yogi Babu and many others Director by Kaali Rangasamy
Music by Joshua Sridhar Cinematography Mahesh Muthuswami
Edited by Gopi Krishna Production company Film Box Productions
Distributed by Red Giant Movies, Sri Narayanan S3 Ventures Runtime: 2 hrs 15 mins
Language Tamil CBFC Rating ‘U’

Quick Glance

What’s great?

Arrow Icon GVP gives a promising performance.


Arrow Icon Arthana Binu gives a neat performance.


Arrow Icon Yogi Babu makes us laugh and his counter dialogues keeps us engaged.


Arrow Icon GV Prakash’s music is good and is soothing for the ears.


Arrow Icon Vivek Anand’s cinematography needs a special mention.


What’s not?

Arrow Icon There are some loopholes in the screenplay.


Arrow Icon Second half could have been better.

The Cast

GV Prakash is back with an energetic performance. He has improved a lot in romantic and sentimental sequences. Also his comic timing worked out really well.

On the other hand Arthana Binu looks good and she does what is required out of her role. She gives a neat and clean performance.

Yogi Babu, the laugh guru leaves no stones unturned. His counter dialogues are definitely a catch and keeps the audience stick to their seats.

Sujatha Vijayakumar gives a convincing performance so does Manzoor Ali Khan.

The Team

Technically this film is good. Music by GVP is good and is soothing to the ears, especially the background score is commendable and fits in well.

There are few loopholes in the screenplay but the dialogues and the narration keeps the audience engaged.

Cinematography by Vivek Anand needs a special mention as it keeps the film moving in the right pace. Pradeep E Raghav’s cuts are perfect and smooth.

Bottom line – Go for it ????

Certified Fresh – YES!