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Saturday, August 6SOCIAL MEDIA

Serial Actress Mridhula Vijay Announces Her Wedding With Yuva Krishna

Popular television actress Mridhula Vijay who is predominantly working in the Malayalam television industry has announced her marriage with her long-time beau, actor Yuva Krishna. Mridhula Vijay was seen in cameos such as Kaiyethum Doorath and Mrs. Hitler serial.


She shared this wonderful news on her social media page and wrote, “Some unexpected turns may change the perspective of your journey to the next level and we believe that this is the one, with your blessings and prayers we are gonna make it possible. Yes, we are going to become one the one and only MRIDVA. Stay tuned for our big day. 08 | 07 | 2021 ❤️ My love @yuvakrishna_the_illusionist ❤️”.


Here take a look at her Instagram post.

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