Silence – Do I see a Hollywood short film?

Movie: Silence


Directed by: Hemant Madhukar GenreHorror, Mystery, Thriller
Principal Cast:

Madhavan as Anthony

Anushka Shetty as Shakshi 

Anjali as Maha

Michael Madsen as Richard Dawkins 

Subbaraju as Vivek

Shalini Pandey as Sonali

Writing Credits: Hemant Madhukar, Kona Venkat (Screenplay)
Language: Tamil Duration: 126 min 


An usual dark past for the victim, who is then killed in a haunted villa. The story resembles wholly about the murder and its twist and turns. 


The movie eventually started with a good note by showcasing what’s the whole plot is about. As slowly the characters get bound to the action, it failed to focus on the storyline. Hemant Madhukar, the director might have imagined himself  by taking an Hollywood short film into a colloquial South Indian film. Everything is recreating could be the factor going onto his mind, while he was writing the script. All just flashes in a moment which gets to your mind, while you watch, “Silence”.

Namesake answers for the investigative queries, that’s all you see for the whole 120 mins. The story gets started in a haunted villa in early 1970’s, where a young couple gets murdered under an untold circumstances in Seattle. That murder remains an unsolved mystery to the town, and rumours binding up it as a Haunted house. Many years later it’s bought by an Colombian businessman who leaves for rent. The actual story begins here. As the basement for the plot was a pretty convincing but did not meet to its anticipation.

Sakshi (Anushka’s) role was subtle to the script, were she owes the film. Her undaunted act is to be appreciated where she collectively takes the supporting leads to perform their roles effectively till the last that makes a bit satisfying one for the viewers. Than her,  Shalini Pandey as Sonali played a decent role, matching perfect pair with Anushka, seems to be little new in the frame, as they both teamed up for the first time which makes the onscreen a slice pretty. 

She (sakshi) pretends to be in love with Anthony (Madhavan), where she takes him to the haunted house, stating that, she wanted to find a painting from the house. At the very beginning she kills him. Oh, there’s not where it ends. Sakshi normally a deaf and dumb, over erases the murder scene and confronts a new story and makes the police to believe it. Maha (Anjali) is a detective with the Seattle Police Department along with her, Richard Dawkins (Michael Madsen), is the investigative police officer for the murder case. Each and every single scene seems to give the feel of an B-Grade Hollywood film. The investigations happen just like that, creating the scenes with compensating all possible transition cuts buy the editor.

The film losses its plug after the first imaginary framed flashback. It moves away from the storyline, catches the highway and moves to the off road. Different problems.., adding to it not restricting to a solution rather building more chaos from it. 

Would say “Silence” deserves to have a 2 minutes silence from the (Holly-Kolly-Tolly & Molly) – ‘Woods’.


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