In this plodding police drama, Arun Vijay is sincere.

Sinam is watchable because to the strong acting, despite the film’s plodding pace and predictable plot.

Director: Kumaravelan
Cast: Arun Vijay, Palak Lalwani, Kaali Venkat

Sinam, written by GNR Kumaravelan, is somewhere in the between of a personal drama and an investigative thriller. It investigates ideas related to vengeance and the pursuit of legal justice. The main character of the movie is a policeman named Pari Venkat, played by Arun Vijay. Venkat is a kind guy who always does the right thing. However, when some events occur that strike close to heart, Pari is compelled to choose vengeance above the rule of justice.

In the opening scene of the movie, the upstanding SI played by Arun Vijay is shown reprimanding a thug who has been accused of murder and whom he would be responsible for transporting to court the next day. In the meanwhile, we find out how Pari got together with Mathangi (Pallak Lalwani) and how they went on to have a wonderful family with their son Bujji (Baby Desina). Due to the fact that Pari was raised without a parent, his in-laws do not take well to the fact that he married their daughter against their will. In spite of the fact that Pari has the chance to get back together with her family, his life ends up being ruined because of a series of unfortunate turns of events. The second part of the movie delves further into the events that took place and shows how Pari wants vengeance for his loss.

The beginning environment of Sinam is satisfactory, and the director’s intentioned mood does a lot to facilitate our ability to follow the progression of the story. The emotional drama within the first half of the film is effective to some degree, providing us with a window into the life of the protagonist. On the other hand, as the movie goes on, we find ourselves wishing there were more interesting scenes. In point of fact, the picture fails to live up to its potential as a thriller on account of the fact that it has a highly cliched conflict and offers an equally cliched conclusion for the same. The second part of the movie is filled with predictable moments, and the easy investigation process makes it a below-average viewing experience overall.

The director Kumaravelan employs a number of inventive approaches in order to bring us into the world of the film. This becomes clear in the moment in which Pari and Mathangi read their daughter bedtime tales before she goes to sleep. Pari begins her performance by narrating a narrative about a butterfly and a dragonfly, but before long, the audience is treated to a charming reenactment of their courtship and eventual marriage. And as if that wasn’t clever enough, this plot tactic also winds up being a key piece of information later on in the movie.

The fact that Arun Vijay and Lalwani have such great chemistry together helps make up for the fact that the “meet-cute” moments involving the main couple are filled to the brim with clichés. But the first half of the story drags its feet by dwelling on Pari’s family life for an excessive amount of time. The songs, however, contribute to the languid pacing of the picture, and they are only successful in certain contexts. The background music often grows louder and more noticeable, which sometimes takes away from the enjoyment of a moment.

Even when the movie becomes repetitive, his acting in both the emotionally and investigation parts keeps you interested in what’s going to happen next. It should come as no surprise that he shines throughout the many action scenes in the movie. Even with her little appearances on TV, Lalwani always performs to the best of her abilities. The film Kaali Venkat is a refreshing breath of air in a film that displays a great bond between the two guys in khaki.

The movie does start to become a little preachy towards the end, which is a characteristic that often accompanies with films in this genre. The film’s perspective on vengeance is called into doubt by the fact that the film’s hero officer chooses the worn-out old road of retaliation rather than the one that leads to justice, despite the fact that the film’s goals are fairly admirable. Nevertheless, despite these drawbacks, Sinam is an enjoyable police procedural because of the amazing performances it features.

Sinam is now running in theatres.
Rating: 3/5