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Tuesday, November 29SOCIAL MEDIA

Sivakartikeyan’s fans will see another side of his performance: George C Williams

George C Williams is regarded as one of the finest cinematographers in the South Indian film industry. His upcoming film is “Hero” starring Sivakarthikeyan, Action King Arjun, Abhay Deol and Kalyani Priyadarshan in lead roles and is all set for the worldwide release on December 20, 2019. The equally excited cinematographer has now shared his experience working in this film.

He said, “As concerned with the film’s premise, “Hero” will bring forth a much prevalent issue in today’s society and I believe, it will have some good influences too. If not for the support of producer Kotapadi J Rajesh sir, Hero would have not gained the grandeur and for the message to get across. Such a friendly producer is a boon to any upcoming technician like me. When an idea, from a small thought, takes shape with each member of the cast and the crew giving their best, it’s reflected on the screen. Like any good cinematographer, I’ve assisted Mithran from the inception of the project. Every project is learning. And when you’re working with friends it has its own positives. Sivakartikeyan, Mithran and I were on the same page. Sivakartikeyan is a good friend and his screen presence is amazing. His fans will see another side of his performance in his film. Arjun sir is a brilliant actor and the efforts that he put in have elevated the project to another level. Abhay Deol and Kalyani Priyadarshan all of them with unique traits will engross the audiences. With Yuvan sir on-board is like a fanboy moment for all of us. He is a genius and his background scoring is proof to substantiate that. I thank all the technicians from production designer Selva Kumar, stunt choreographer Dhilip Subbrayan, editor Ruben and all technicians who have worked heart and soul for this film. All of us have put in our creative thoughts and hard work in this film, hopefully, the audience will enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making this project.”

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