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SOORARAI POTTRU                                                                                     Design Santhosh


Nedumaaran Rajangam – Suriya

Bommi – Aparna Balamurali

Paresh – Paresh Rawal

Pechi – Urvashi

Directed by – Sudha Kongara



This movie revolves around the protagonist, who aspires to make the flight travel possible for everyone. Will he let the obstacles that comes his way, take away his dream?



“Soorarai Potru” translated to ‘Praise the Brave’, is based on a book “Simply Fly” written by Capt.Gopinath picturing his own life. Portraying his character in the movie is Suriya, who has done a brilliant job in expressing the emotions in perfect balance. All the characters played their part with perfection. The background score, directed by G.V. Prakash Kumar, gives us goosebumps. Cinematography has uplifted the movie in its own kind by not letting the audience take their eyes off the screen. Lightings and Colour choices have displayed the tone of every part of the movie.  The dialogues had a very huge impact on the audience which made them feel the pain for themselves. Last but not the least, Direction was mastered by Sudha Kongara, making the better the best. Soorarai Potru is indeed the best movie to have been released on OTT platform.

This movie depicts the journey of a young man, Nedumaaran Rajangam (Suriya), born in Solavandhan, a remote village in Madurai. Having brought up by parents and surviving their life with very little income, Maaran wants to make flights affordable to people, regardless of their status. He joins Air Force Training but then discontinues to bring his dream come true. Supporting his decision and dream are his two friends Chaitaniya and Sebastian. 

On one side wanting investors to promote his idea, Maaran meets Bommi (Aparna Balamurali) who wants to run her own bakery business. Soon they get married. She supports him in every situation by understanding and trusting him. Maaran meets up with Paresh (Paresh Rawat), the owner of Jaz Airlines, who had a similar past as Maaran’s. Paresh mocks Maaran’s proposal, discouraging him. Lending hand for his plan is Bhakthavatchalm Naidu, who then sabotages Maaran’s idea conspiring with Paresh. 

To have been let down by his investors, Maaran comes up with another plan of bringing in even lower costs flights. Having been approved, Maaran dream comes true and his flight is ready to take off and just then there happened to be a fault, which brands his flight as unsafe. Overcoming his enquiry commission, Maaran gives an interview try to explain the rightness on his side. Having said to board three of his most loved people to prove the safety, Maaran feels down when people fail to trust him. Will Maaran gain people’s trust and make his dream come true is what the rest of the movie is about.


Review By Kavi Bharathi                                      Poster Design Santhosh                                                                                                             

Our Rating 4/5