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Thursday, February 2SOCIAL MEDIA


Taana: Curate’s Eye


Vaibhav has managed to leave an impression among audience that he can do light-hearted films with consummate ease. And he proved it in the past with few films. Now comes Taana from his hut which is no different. A wafer-thin storyline that  of a timid man taking on gangsters. But he is down with a peculiar voice disorder. The makers have tried to be comical all trough but lost the plot midway. A different narration and a strong portrayal of characters could have made it a much better fare. Directed by Yuvraj SubramaniTaana has father-son conflict, romance, comical one-liners and some action with humor as its base.

CastVaibhavNandita, Yogi BabuPandiarajanHareesh Peradi
DirectionYuvaraj Subramani
Production:  M C  Kalaimamani, M K  Lakshmi Kalaimamani
MusicVishal Chandrasekhar
Cinematography: Shiva GRN
EditingPrasanna GK

Release date : 24 January, 2020

What to look out for

1. Vaibhav’s innocent portrayal and his light-hearted show as someone suffering from a voice disorder called puberphonia – his voice transforms to that of a woman whenever he becomes nervous.

2. Yogi Babu’s one-liners

3. Pandiarajan’s performance as Vaibhav’s dad adds strength

4. Vishal Chandrasekhar’s music compliments funny situations in the film


A wonderful opportunity gone wasted. The director has loaded the film with cliches. The novelty in the script stops with portraying Vaibhav as someone down with rare disorder. Technically Shiva’s camera and editing by Prasanna is passable. Vaibhav and Yogi Babu manage to keep the audience engaged. Taana has nothing new to be served on the plate of a hungry audience.

Score : [rating=2.5]