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Netrikann –  Review

Netrikann – Review

Netrikann In this too safe adaptation of the Korean thriller, Nayanthara manages to shine. Cast: Nayanthara | Ajmal Ameer | K. Manikandan | Saran Shakthi | Directed by: Milind Rau Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery Runtime: 2hr 02 min Synopsis: Durga, an ex-CBI agent on disability support after losing her eyesight in a car accident, is the protagonist of Netrikann. One day, she becomes the victim of a sexual predator who abducts and violates young women. Despite escaping by a hair's breadth, she becomes determined to apprehend him and bring him to justice. The rest of the film is determined by how she accomplishes this. Review: The antagonist is a psychopath, and the unlikely trio of a visually impaired woman, a reviled cop, and a carefree youth will eventually catch up with him. The...