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Ponniyin Selvan: I

Ponniyin Selvan: I

Ponniyin Selvan - I Mani Ratnam's epic stays faithful to Kalki's original literature.   I believe that Ponniyin Selvan-I is a sincere effort in adapting the essence of a great novel into a movie and the team succeeded in their effort to make the movie feel real, grounded, and contemporary despite the grand staging and historical setup.   SPOILER ALERT! After getting to read Kalki's novel by many quite recently and soon after everyone might feel this adaptation will have to overcome three major hurdles if it were to become a great movie (not just a good movie), they are as follows:   1) Adjusting the book for today's audiences: The work by Kalki has unquestionably weathered the test of time, and it is still highly engaging and rich today. A contempo...


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Iravin Nizhal is one of the upcoming movies in the industry which has a huge expectation among the audience. The movie is directed by R Parthiban and features him in the lead role. Iravin Nizhal is composed by AR Rahman. Parthiban will always do enthralling experiments in his films. Following that, in this flick, he experimented with a difficult task. The entire flick is a non-linear single shot. This marks the first of its kind in cinema history. The teaser gained a very positive response. The movie also features Brigida Saga, Robo Shankar, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, and Priyanka Ruth in the supporting roles. In a recent interview, Parthiban stated that the team had planned the screening of a short-made video to give a short idea of a non-linear single-shot movie. The duration of th...