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Thursday, February 9SOCIAL MEDIA

Tamannaah’s concern for poor

Actress Tamannaah Bhatia urges people to be more compassionate towards the underprivileged people, especially at a time when the world is dealing with the pandemic of coronavirus.
‘This is not just restricted to a particular industry. It’s a global pandemic and we all need to be responsible citizens and help the government and medical bodies to fight this battle and come out undefeated. We need to keep our anxiety and depression under check as these are trying times, and we need to be there for another and practice compassion towards the less privileged,’ Tamannaah said.
The Baabubali actress added: ‘It’s interesting to see how this outbreak and global emergency has taught us to return to our roots, embrace a more holistic lifestyle, think about our commitment to the environment and redefine our life goals. Nothing is constant and the only constant changes, so embrace the impermanent nature of life.’