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Friday, September 30SOCIAL MEDIA


The late Kannada actor Chiranjeevi Sarja and Meghna Raj’s son’s latest video is so heart touching. The baby looking at his father’s photo and tries to converse with him, the video was uploaded by Meghana Raj with the caption ” Our miracle…forever and always! # jrc # Chiranjeevisarja.”
The Kannada actor Chiranjeevi Sarja died on June 7 due to massive cardiac arrest when his wife was 5 months pregnant. The beautiful couples had a lot of dreams about their future but things ended up in misery. The sudden death of Chiranjeevi Sarja left the entire Kannada cine industry in shock and despair.
Meghana Raj who was the only daughter of the film actors Sundar Raj and Pramila Koshai was in a relationship with Chiranjeevi and the couples happily married in 2018. Today, Meghana Raj turns a year older. Chiranjeevi’s loss is still a unovercomable demise for the family but, Meghana is being positive spends most of her time with her son.
The video of the baby trying to talk and looking at his father’s photo is so emotional and heart touching. The fans and the relatives of Meghana Raj are leaving beautiful comments and heart emoticons on Jr.C’s latest video. Stay tuned for more breaking updates.
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