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Monday, October 3SOCIAL MEDIA


The Bigg Boss season 4 in Tamil is hosted by Kamal Haasan. Each day inside the house is becoming so enthralling. Although all the seasons have a similar pattern. Like a big dispute among the housemates, one love pair, a famous girl who is loved by all and one house mate who is ignored by all. These happen in every season of Bigg Boss.

Now the latest promo also indicated the same. As social users predicted that Gabriella and Ajeedh might fall in love. Similarly, the promo portrayed Gabriella and Balaji Murigadoss behaving intimately and speaking in double entendres and also playfully chasing after one another. Also where Ajeedh is also seeing the happenings with a sad face.

So this time it may be a love triangle inside the house. The next happening triggers the audience’s mind to think a lot about this. stay tuned for more breaking updates.

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