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Wednesday, August 10SOCIAL MEDIA


Kanupriya was a famous anchor and she started her career as an anchor in Doordarshan. Then, she appeared in almost more than 80 shows. She was also the host of the wakening of mind with Brahma Kumaris and Karmabhoomi. She then became a TV actor and Filmmaker.
This popular TV actor died on Friday, April 30 due to covid-19 complications. She was admitted into the hospital and was surviving with oxygen support for two days and then died. The news was shared by her sister BK Shivani on social media.
She wrote, “Om Shanti Angels … Last night a very beautiful angel, a chosen instrument of God … Sis. Kanupriya left her mortal coil and moved forward to another magical destiny of radiating happiness and health to millions of souls.
Kanupriya is a pure soul, caring, compassionate, selfless … always a giver. She lived for a higher purpose … to create a beautiful world … and we know that even though the costume will change … she will always be God’s angel, whose every life will be surrendered to His will and His task of creating The New Age.
Let us all meditate and radiate gratitude and blessings to her … Thank You Beautiful Soul for being who you are and will always be (sic).”
May her soul rest in peace and also deep condolence for her grieving family. Stay tuned for more updates.
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