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Tughlaq Durbar

Tughlaq Durbar

Director: Delhiprasad Deenadayalan

Writer: Balaji Tharaneetharan

Cast: Vijay Sethupathi, Raashi Khanna, Parthiban, Manjima Mohan, Sathyaraj, Karunakaran

Language: Tamil


Vijay Sethupathi’s Tughlaq Durbar, in which he stars, has an intriguing premise. This theory holds that the protagonist and antagonist are just two sides of the same story. Delhi Prasad Deenadayalan, on the other hand, has no desire to develop this idea into a more compelling storey. Because of this, despite its basic writing, Tughlaq Durbar is a boring movie. It had the potential to be an amusing comedy of manners, but it chose not to go down that route.


While reading, we’ll be keeping tabs on the story’s hero Singam (also known as Singaravelan). After his mother gave birth to him at a political rally, he was named Rayappan in honour of the politician who gave birth to him. Rayappan was an inspiration to Singam because he was a young politician who had achieved success. He was becoming a shady politician, one who scoured the terrain for any openings. After a particular incident, Singam’s mind began to play tricks on him, and he started acting strangely. It was as if he had been invaded by two different selves, each with a distinct outlook on the world. A scene from Tughlaq Durbar shows Singam’s reaction to the events taking place.

Delhi Prasad’s film suffers from a lack of tension due to the absence of a compelling antagonist. Is it due to the money? Is it because of the power? Having a second person could pose a problem, which is why it isn’t addressed properly. There are moments in a movie when you’re not sure what genre it belongs to. In spite of its stated purpose of exposing India’s corrupt political class, the film quickly changes course, leaving the audience to wonder whether Vijay Sethupathi has any political ambitions of his own. The discrepancy in tone detracts from the overall appeal of the picture.

Because Vijay Sethupathi is juggling two roles, he does a good job in spite of the poor lighting. Despite the fact that he puts forth minimal effort both times, he manages to endow his character with an individual personality. Even though he didn’t get much screen time, Parthiban was a fun character to watch. Manjima Mohan and Raashi Khanna get very little screen time. Karunakaran and Bhagavathi Perumal do an excellent job as Vasu and Mangalam, respectively, in the movie.

Screenwriter Delhi Prasad abandons the project as soon as the zany element is added to the script. Vijay Sethupathi vs. him excites and fascinates him. Regarding financial crimes, he concentrates on a single case in which there is an enormous amount that has been misplaced. After a while, the plots involving Singam’s sister, the tax heist, and Rayappan’s involvement all fade away. In addition, as previously stated, the movie never quite conveys what it is trying to be, as it switches between being a clichéd good hero movie and a satirical political drama. It’s a technical problem, but the soundtrack and other parts of the film don’t work together well.

A Tughlaq Durbar was planned but never built. This story doesn’t have many surprises, and the only new element isn’t fully utilised to keep you interested. The fact that Vijay Sethupathi played the lead character in a less outrageous manner is the only good thing about the film.

Rating: 2.5/5

By: Vigneshwar V G

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