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V (aka) V The Movie Review

Movie Review: V


V Movie Review


Directed By: Mohana Krishna Indraganti Language: Telugu

Nani As Vishnu

Sudheer Babu As DCP Aditya

Nivetha Thomas As Apoorva Ramanujam

Aditi Rao Hydari As Saheba

Genre: Thriller, Action
Composer: Amit Trivedi Editor: Marthand K Venkatesh
Cinematography: Vinda PG Runtime: 2hr 20 min.


A formidable hero turns into a villain in front of society, a cat-and-mouse revenge saga storyline.  The grizzled script makes the viewers less intensified into the movie and social mouths open up with mixed reviews.


Opening the screen with a big mob and chaos, DCP. Adithya (Sudheer Babu) opens fire in public and protecting the civvies, becomes the talk of the town. Soon as a savior of Hyderabad, Stylish Cop, shows up to TED talks, etc..  The protagonist receives medals and honors, and then what else next, party hard. Meets Apoorva (Nivetha Thomas), a random song needed heroine to the script’s expectation.

As commercialistic, the Antagonist Nani’s entry of killing an Inspector at the very first was easy to get into the plot soon, rather dragging it with a BGM, would sound a crap. DCP. Adithya reaches the crime scene and investigates, where Nani leaves a stick wall hint in the forehead of the dead body. Stating “I need Adithya”. The story begins here. As Nani challenges DCP to catch him before his next attempt, the cat-and-mouse convictions is deliberately exposed. Nani keenly peruses his upcoming murders and leaves hints for the next ones. As this follows back to back, the protagonist slowly brings to light of his knowledge about Nani’s past where he falls in love with Saheba (Aditi Rao Hydari) and marries her and eventually the script needfully, follows the mass-market stream formula, the flashback starts on.

“V’s” director Mohana Krishna Indraganti, begins with a nod to William Shakespeare’s line from The Tempest: ‘At this hour Lie at my mercy all mine enemies.’ I believe that he admires those lines and got the idea to cultivate this film. Letting Nani perform an antagonist role for the first time in his career, he could have been a bit more conscious of the screenplay part, which lacks the essence of the film often. Upsetting songs, which is irrelevant to the mood of the screenplay diverts to a fast forward button.

“V” for Vishnu is the reason, as kept for the title. Converging the screenplay all of a sudden from very vast evidence confuses a bit at the beginning but lately, Mohana Krishna matched it with the abrupt pros and cons which at last satisfies the audience to an extent. I don’t exaggerate much about the cinematography but at places, it fulfills the narration. The songs are not pleasing enough ones, still carried the story then and there.

Nani’s first-time antagonist performance steals the show, rather than it, “the XXVth”, not a Top-Notch, OTT viewers could just have a crack watch! With families. Available on Amazon Prime Video.


Bottom Line: Nani’s – XXV, Grizzled script makes the viewers a less intensified into the movie!


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