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Velvet Nagaram Review

Velvet Nagaram: Action, Reaction

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar has been the choice of filmmakers these days when they step out to do women-centric movies. Joining the list of movies that she did recently is Velvet NagaramHelmed by debutant Manoj Kumar Natarajan, the movie is a thriller with Varalaxmi playing a journalist on a mission. She has emotion and action to do plenty in the film. She renders full justice to it. But that alone is not enough to elevate the script, which travels on a cliched path at many places. The director has tried to speak too many things including exploiting the livelihood and natural resources for the sake of development

Genre – Action thriller
Cast: Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Kasturi ShankarRamesh TilakSanthosh Krishna, Maalavika Sundar
MusicAchu Rajamani
DirectionManoj Kumar Natarajan
CinematographyBagath Kumar
Editing: Raymond Derrich Crasta
Production: Makers Studios


Gauri (Kasturi) plays a popular actress-turned-social worker who works for the upliftment of a tribal community in Kodaikanal. She faces troubles and gets killed by a few. Enters Usha (Varalakshmi), a journalist who is a close friend of Gauri. She decides to find out the killers. What follows is a series of events that lead to pulsating action. Varalakshmi on her part is a perfect fit for the role of a bold journalist. Natural acting of the supporting actors especially MaalavikaRamesh Thilak and Santhosh deserves special mention. A larger theme but a weak script lets it down. But credits to the artists for making it a watchable fare.


The duration could have been reduced as it becomes lengthy. But logic loopholes and meandering plot robs shine, Had the writing could have better, Velvet Nagaram could have added more joy to the audience.

Score [rating=2.5]

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