In exciting news for all Ajith Kumar fans, the actor is all set to charm us once again with his upcoming film ‘Vidaamuyarchi’. Directed by the talented Magizh Thirumeni and produced by Lyca Productions, this movie guarantees to be a real treat for cinema lovers.

‘Vidaamuyarchi’ has already created a buzz among enthusiasts as it is touted to be a prestigious project for Lyca Productions. During the promotional event of ‘Chandramukhi 2’, Lyca chairman Subhashkaran expressed his enthusiasm about the film, assuring everyone that it will be on track very soon. With such high praise and anticipation building up, it’s safe to say that ‘Vidaamuyarchi’ is definitely one to watch out for!

The shooting for this much-awaited film is scheduled to commence at the end of September, leading fans into a state of excitement and anticipation. Ajith Kumar, known for his incredible on-screen presence, is expected to bring his unique charisma and acting prowess to the table once again.

Word on the grapevine is that a whopping 60% of the movie will be shot in the dazzling city of Dubai. Get ready to witness jaw-dropping chase sequences through the bustling streets and magnificent skyscrapers of this urban paradise. And let’s not forget about those heart-stopping daredevil stunts that are bound to leave us on the edge of our seats. Oh, Dubai, you never fail to impress!

But wait, there’s more! Around 30% of the film will take us on an adrenaline-fueled journey to Indonesia. Imagine the lush landscapes and exotic locales that will serve as the backdrop for intense action sequences. From dense jungles to stunning beaches, it seems like the director is leaving no stone unturned to create an immersive experience for the viewers.

Now, don’t worry, my fellow Indians, because there will still be some scenes set in our beloved country. While the majority of the film may take place overseas, these snippets of India will surely add a touch of familiarity and authenticity to the storyline.

While the plot details have been kept under wraps, the magical combination of Ajith and director Magizh Thirumeni has piqued our curiosity. Thirumeni is known for his ability to deliver engaging and thrilling narratives, making this collaboration even more intriguing. We can only imagine the wonders they will create together.

‘Vidaamuyarchi’ is shaping up to be quite the star-studded affair! With Anirudh scoring the music, we can expect some catchy tunes that will make us groove and sing along. And with Nirav Shah behind the camera, we can anticipate breathtaking visuals that will take our breath away.

Now let’s talk about the cast. Trisha, Tamannaah, Arjun, and Sanjay Dutt are rumored to be in talks for important roles opposite the charismatic Ajith. Wow, that’s an ensemble of talent right there! Each of these actors brings their unique charm and acting prowess to the screen, so it’ll be interesting to see how they interact with Ajith’s character.

Stay tuned for more updates and let the countdown begin for ‘Vidaamuyarchi’!