Actor Vijay is popularly called Thalapathy Vijay among his fans. He has a huge fan base and especially among girls, he is a great inspiration as well as a ravishing brother for all of his girl’s fans. Tomorrow marks his 47th birthday and the celebration has already started all over the internet.
Keep flowing like a river even when people throw stones at you, says Vijay  | Entertainment News | Onmanorama
Following this Seven Screen Studios has released a small animation video by having Vijay’s voice-over synced with the verses he speaks. Vijay always used to give some motivational and inspiring tips to his fans in the audio launch and the press meet. And the video also has the same as one of his motivational speeches.
In the video, he spoke about life and he compared our lives with the river. He says, “we should be like the river, some will throw flowers at us and will welcome us, some will light up the candles and will praise and respect us, meanwhile people who hate us will throw stones at us. We should never stop at a place until we reach our desired destination. Keep flowing like a river and reach your way”.

This was the message given by him in the video. Now the video turned out to be viral and surfed on the internet. Stay tuned for more breaking updates.