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Wednesday, August 10SOCIAL MEDIA


As the PSBB commerce teacher was arrested yesterday for sexually harassing his female students, the news has been a greatest shock to all the parents and students. After the arrest of Rajagopalan a commerce teacher in PSBB school, many celebrities came forward and addressed the similar issues they have faced in their schools and colleges and have demanded a justifying action against the crimes.

Now, Actor Vishal too expressed his anger regarding the issue in his social media account. He said, “The Sexual Harassment by a Teacher from #PSBB makes me cringe & realise that the School should be shut, not once anyone has apologised to the Students/Parents affected, such crimes should be taken really harshly, I request my friend Anbil Mahesh, the Minister for School Education to take a very strong step so that such incidents never happen again.”


He also added, “It’s a disgrace that people are changing this topic into a communal issue. I hope that person who actually harassed the students be hanged for future teachers and schools to know that this is a crime that has to be immediately attended, at least now apologise to the Students/ Parents and not make it a communal issue.” Stay connected for more interesting update!!


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