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Thursday, February 2SOCIAL MEDIA

Vishal lends a helping hand again

Ever since he became the General Secretary of the Nadigar Sangam, we have been hearing some good dead that have been done by the team, especially Vishal has been the central focus. He has been lending a helping hands very often for the people not just from the film industry but also for the general public. Now the handsome hunk has lend his hand for an aged play back singer Sarala Amma.
Sarala Amma has song for many classics starting from MR Radha’s  ‘Ratha Kanneer’ , Sivaji Ganesan’s ‘Pesum Deviam’ among others. Vishal who has recently learnt that the yesteryear singer is struggling very hard to make ends meet and has no one to take care of her at this age. 
The actor immediately arranged to pay her a monthly stipend of  about Rs.5000 from his Devi Trust. Isn’t that a generous act from the actor? I hope this will motivate other members in the film fraternity as well to come forward and lend a helping hand for the needy.