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Walter: Misses the plot

Inspired by his father Sathyaraj’s cop role in Walter, his son Sibiraj dons khakhi in action thriller Walter. A story of a senior police officer who investigates the missing of babies in a small town in Kumbakonam. There are baddies, sub-plots, and abundant action. Directed by U Anbarasan, the film begins well to end up loud and less convincing. A cliched ride eventually. But there are few action scenes that may please stunt-lovers. There is Shirin Kanchanwala who plays the heroine.

Genre – Action thriller
Cast – Sibiraj, Shirin Kanchanwala. Natty Subramaniam, Samuthirakani, Charlie
Music – Dharmaprakash
Cinematography – Rasamadhi
Editor – Elayaraja
Direction – Anbarasan
Production – 11:11 Productions (P) Ltd

Run Time – 133 minutes

Every actor’s passion in Tamil cinema is to do a cop role and they made their mark doing it. Joining the list is Sibiraj. He plays a tough cop in Kumbakonam. He as expected cross swords with a local influential politician. Lots of infants go missing. A gang war is there. Now the onus is on Sibiraj to set things right. Sibiraj with his beefed-up physique suits the role well. Shirin has enough scenes to do. Bhava Chelladurai is okay while Samuthirakani has lots to do. Dharmaparakash’s songs are okay.

Produced by Shruthi Thilak under the banner 11:11 Productions, Walter begins on top speed. Encounters, chase, and flexing of muscles. But gets confused between medical thriller and action drama and ends up nowhere. Had the writing been clear and scenes be strong with apt characterizations, Walter would have made it big.


Score : [rating=2.5]

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