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Wednesday, February 1SOCIAL MEDIA

We will win war against corona: Rashmika

Expressing her confidence that we will win the ongoing war against the corona outbreak, actress Rashmika Mandanna has said we have to help the needy.
Following fears of the corona outbreak across the country, a complete lockdown has been imposed across the country till 3 May. People are restricted to their homes. Sadly like another industry the film industry in the country has come to a standstill. Theaters are closed and all shootings canceled. Movies on the floors are stalled and the release of several movies has been postponed indefinitely.
Rashmika Mandana tweeted, ‘Let your life shine bright as the lamp, don’t let it dim even for a second.
We are in war and we will win. I keep saying this because we don’t have any other choice…If anything at all- Reach out to who you can- help out who you can- let’s get through this together.’