Until a few years ago, Ajith is known to be open and frank. He would come out open in all his interviews. But After Aasal, the actor chose to go on a different zone. He not only chose to stay away from media or publicity events of his own films but also dissolved his fans associations across the state. But that did not deter his fans which seems to grow day after day.
Amidst such a scenario, Thala, as he is referred by his fans, surprised everyone by issuing a legal notice. Guess why? A letter pad with his forged his signature stating that he would re-join social media apparently irked him.

A legal notice signed by signed was released by his counsel. It stated ‘Our client has issued a public notice in the past, and has on repeated occasions maintained that, he does not have any social media accounts, and that he does not have or support any official fan page on any stream of social media.’

The letter added, ‘Our client would like to state that necessary and appropriate legal action would be taken to the fullest extent possible against the perpetrator who issued the false notice and forged our client’s signature.’